A movie byMarc ALLÉGRET

Status: Upcoming

Casting:Gaby Morlay,Louis Jourdan,Raimu


Set in 19th Century Camargue, this poignant adaptation of Alphonse Daudet’s play, accompanied with Georges Bizet’s stirring score, follows the star-crossed loves and obsessions of charming Frédéri. This young son of wealthy farmers falls helplessly in love with a woman from Arles whom he dreams of marrying. His protective family learns that the woman, whose name is never mentioned and is only referred to as “the woman from Arles”, has already had an adventure with another man. Frédéri is crushed by this revelation. Despite the efforts of his family to help him and the affections oflovely Vivette, Frédéri cannot live without his Arlésienne…