Napoleon & Me

A movie byPaolo VIRZI

Status: Completed

Casting:Daniel Auteuil,Elio Germano,Monica Bellucci


Isle of Elba, 1814. Martino (Germano), a schoolteacher, hates Napoleon (Auteuil). Every night, he kills the tyrant in his dreams. When the Emperor is exiled to the island, Martino finally has the chance to take action. Hired as Napoleon’s personal secretary, he is in charge of writing the memoirs of the man he hates most… yet
starts to admire the aging legend. Frustrated by his tempestuous affair with the beautiful, older Baroness Emilia (Bellucci), unaware of the modest maid who is in love with him, and torn between his political ideals and his growing respect for the Emperor, Martino will have to face some of the most important decisions of his life…