Roommates Wanted

A movie byFrançois DESAGNAT

Status: Completed

Casting:André Dussollier,Arnaud Ducret,Bérengère Krief


Hubert Jacquin, recently widowed, lives a lonely life in his spacious 4-bedroom apartment in Paris. Looking to hire a maid, he ends up with a roommate ! Manuela, a young and extravagant girl who shakes up Hubert’s outine and gives his life an unexpected twist. In a weak (and drunken) moment, Hubert even agrees to a bigger flat share. When he sobers up, it’s already too late. The search for roommates is on. Marion, an uptight nurse, and Paul-Gérard, a soon-to-be divorced lawyer move in. Despite all odds, the four of them grow found of this unlikely cohabitation. But Hubert is a 70 years old retired widow and old habits die hard…