A movie byMarc ALLÉGRET

Status: Completed

Casting:Claude Dauphin,Louis Jourdan,Micheline Presle


During a school revue at which she gets to show off her singing talents, Félicie Nanteuil meets the well-known actor Aimé Cavalier. The latter has seen sent by the Odéon theatre to read some poetry. Félicie is a big fan of Cavalier and he admires her beauty. The actor persuades himself that the young woman has talent and gives her some lessons in diction, which turn out to be a pretext for her becoming his mistress. Cavalier then persuades the manager of the Odéon to hire Félicie and in no time the aspiring young singer is a greater star than the man who launched her on her career. Cavalier is devastated when Félicie falls for the irresistible Robert de Ligny, but he has a plan to win her back…