Will Our Heroes Be Able to Find Their Friend Who Has Mysteriously Disappeared in Africa?

A movie byEttore SCOLA

Status: Completed

Casting:Alberto Sordi,Bertrand Blier,Nino Manfredi


Fausto Di Salvio (Alberto Sordi), a rich businessman, fed up with work, family and society, and his shabby book-keeper, Ubaldo Palmarini, interpreted by an extraordinary Bernard Blier, travel to Africa in search for Mr. Di Salvio’s brother-in-law, Oreste Sabatini (Nino Manfredi). Sabatini has vanished on the Dark Continent under mysterious circumstances. After a series of unbelievable adventures, they will find him: Sabatini has become a tribal chief, surrounded by lots of topless, shapely women. They are going to return to civilisation, but will their friend come with them?