Directed byJoyce BUNUEL

With:Catherine Samie,Christianne Gout,Vincent Lecoeur

Produced by: Vertigo Productions


The girls like them chocolate-brown. If you’re not a Cuban, you’re out! Rémi Bonnet, 24, a brilliant performer of Chopin, outrages his family and his teacher when he gives up an international career to play the music he has always loved – Cuban music. He leaves Toulouse and goes to Paris where to his surprise he finds that no one wants a Frenchman in a salsa band. In a city where most undocumented aliens want to become French, Rémi Bonnet deliberately takes on the identity, accent and dark complexion of Felipe, his Cuban friend, in order to blend into the Paris latino community. And when old Barreto, seeing him in this Cuban disguise, hears him playing salsa music, he gives him a chance: Rémi will teach salsa dancing at the Casa Cubana… This is where he meets Nathalie, a shy girl who becomes a bomb on the dance floor…

100min French