Stop Crying Penelope

Directed byChristine ANGLIO & Juliette ARNAUD

With:Christine Anglio,Corinne Puget,Juliette Arnaud


Thirty-something Chloé is dissatisfied with growing older and plans a radical physical makeover. She will finance her plastic surgery through the sale of her recently deceased aunt’s country home. But Chloé’s plans are altered when she discovers that her aunt’s will surprisingly includes two other heirs: Léonie and Penelope, Chloé’s childhood friends. The three friends, who haven’t seen each other in several years, take a weekend trip to country house they inherited – and where they spent their summer holidays as adolescents. As domineering Léonie, tender-hearted Penelope and tough-girl Chloé clean the house and discuss its sale, they relive the summer holiday sensations of their youth and take stock of their present situations… for better and for worse!

94min French