Directed byMaurice DELBEZ

With:Daniel Jacquinot,Madeleine Robinson,Serge Nubret


Ten-year-old Alain lives with his mother in the working class neighbourhood of Belleville- Ménilmontant on Rue des Cascades in Paris. When his mother’s young, black lover, Vincent, comes to live with them, Alain is overcome with jealousy and racist feelings. But Vincent warmly treats Alain as he would his own son, taking him around the city, playing with him and disarming every prejudice the boy harbours.

88min French

The Royalists

Directed byHenri CALEF

With:Jean Marais,Madeleine Robinson,Marcel Herrand


During the tempestuous French Revolution, the Marquis of Montauran arrives in Brittany to lead an uprising of the local loyalist forces, the Chouans. The dashing Marquis (Jean Marais) meets with resistance but is joined by the lovely Republican spy, Marie de Verneuil (Madeleine Lebeau).

92min French