My Mommy is in America and she met Buffalo

Directed byMarc Boréal

With:Julie Depardieu,Marc Lavoine,Tom Trouffier

Produced by: Label Anim, Mélusine Productions


Jean lives with his little brother Paul, his dad and Yvette, the nanny. He is a typical young boy who just wants to play with his best friends and watch TV. One thing is missing though. Where is Mommy? She left when Jean was younger and no one ever talks about her. Until one day, he gets a postcard from Mommy. Michèle, the neighbor girl, has to read it to him – he’s only six after all ! It seems that Mommy is in America and she met Buffalo Bill !

75min French

French men 3

Directed byMarc ESPOSITO

With:Bernard Campan,Eric Elmosnino,Jean-Pierre Darroussin,Marc Lavoine

Produced by: Pierre Javaux Productions, Wayan Productions


Antoine introduces Jean, a colleague of his, to Alex and Manu his longtime friends. Moved by their complicity and deep connection, Jean sees and values the strength of their friendship. Once a lone rider, Jean slowly fits in the group where he finds peace and comfort. Soon the four of them discuss everything from their job, their life to the most private thing of all: their relationships with women. When their everyday routine is questioned by unexpected events it’s within the group that they find the help, advice and guidance they are looking for.

114min French