Abdel & the countess

Directed byIsabelle DOVAL

With:Amir El Kacem,Charlotte de Turckheim,Margaux Chatelier

Produced by: Cactus Prod


When her husband dies, The Countess (CHARLOTTE DE TURCKHEIM) and her daughter, Blanche (MARGAUX CHATELIER), are devastated. Following a family tradition, males take it all: the domain, the title, the castle… Gonzague, a nephew, and soon new Count, dreams of turning the domain into a housing project. When Blanche accidentally mistakes Abdel (AMIR EL KACEM) for a wild boar and shoots him in the ass, the situation couldn’t look worse. Accused of art theft, sentenced to the rehabilitation center nearby, Abdel is running from the police. Abdel wants to prove his innocence, Blanche and the Countess want to save their legacy… The misfit, unlikely group will do wonders…

95min French