Jeff & Leo, Cops and twins

Directed byEtienne DAHENE , Olivier GUIGNARD

With:Emma Colberti,Olivier Sitruk


Leonard, a former police captain, is out of action, confined at home by phobias that prevent him from facing the outside world. But when Judge Alice Brezinski, his ex-girlfriend, turns to him for help in solving a mysterious series of crimes, he calls on his twin brother Jeff. The brothers develop an investigation technique: Leo interrogates suspects and analyzes murders in minute detail while Jeff, pretending to be Leo, investigates in the field. Jeff and Leo become a deadly effective team: body and mind, brains and gun! From now on, the twins are just one man in the eyes of the world. Or just about: for while Leonard is calm, shy and obsessed with detail, Jeff by contrast is something of a dilettante, sloppy and exuberant. Differences that Alice, still in love with Leo, cannot fail to noticeā€¦ The twin cops could be exposed at any time.

14x52min French