Asterix & the Vikings

Directed byStefan FJELDMARK & Jesper MOLLER

With:Jacques Frantz,Lorànt Deutsch,Pierre Palmade,Roger Carel,Sara Forestier


The animated movie “ Asterix and the Vikings ” is adapted from the album “Asterix and the Normans” (1967) by R. Goscinny and A. Uderzo. The fearless Vikings set foot in Gaul and kidnap Justforkix, nephew of the Gauls’ chief, a carefree teenager from Lutetia. Their object is to learn fear from Justforkix, in order to learn how to fly, for an ancient Viking saying States that “ fear lends wings”. Asterix and Obelix’s mission is to free Justforkix before it is too late, as the Vikings threaten to get rid of Justforkix if he is not able to teach them fear. Our heroes set sail for the icy waters of the Arctic and reach Viking territory where they encounter countless obstacles before they bring Justforkix back to the village safe and sound. One of these obstacles, and not the least, being the love interest that Justforkix has developed for the very daughter of the Viking’s chief, the cute but ruthless Abba.

78min French


Directed byBruno CHICHE

With:Nicolas Duvauchelle,Sara Forestier


Hell is a rich girl from Paris’ posh neighbourhoods living in the fast lane to compensate the void of her life: sex, drugs & rock’ n’ roll. She meets her male counterpart in the person of Andrea, a seductive young man, and they both fall madly in love.
But will their passion save them from their self-destructive behaviour?

100min French