All Grown Up

Directed byPascal LAHMANI

With:Claire Keim,Mathieu Delarive


1995. Olivia is a typical 90’s teenager: she loves rock music, argues with her parents everyday about her grades, hangs around with her best friend Marie Lou, definitely hates maths and is crazy with Mathieu, her boyfriend… Until one day, when she has an accident and falls into a deep coma…
2010. Olivia wakes up as a beautiful woman … The good news is she doesn’t have to study maths anymore. The bad news is that she’s still a teenager trapped in a 30 year old body! Now she is driven by one thing: getting back with Mathieu. There is one tiny problem: Mathieu got married to her best friend Marie Lou! Now it is time for her to get her life back together and discover how many teenage dreams she can bring with her as a grown up.

90min French