The Date Coach

A movie byPascal BOURDIAUX

Status: Completed

Casting:Franck Dubosc,Kev Adams,Nora Arnezeder,Valérie Benguigui


Since the age of 7, Alex has been obsessed with one and only girl: Sandra Valenti the most beautiful girl around. Well, the most beautiful girl in the world. But Alex is paralyzed by fear of failure. For 13 years he has done nothing but dream of Sandra. He has not even dared talk to her ! As Sandra is about to move to another city, it’s time for action. He needs a foolproof plan: enlist the services of Antoine Chamoine who seduced Sandra’s mother 20 years ago. The reluctant mentor ends up being sympathetic with Alex’s cause and the two embark on a great mission – seduce Sandra Valenti.