A perfect Man

Directed byYann GOZLAN

With:Ana Girardot,Pierre Niney

Produced by: 24/25 Films, WY Productions


Mathieu Vasseur is an aspiring and struggling writer. Looking for inspiration at night, he moves houses for a living. Luck strikes when he finds a manuscript in a dead man house while working. The memoirs of a soldier. That turns out to be a masterpiece. Mathieu can’t help but submit the book as his own. And for the first time, got himself a publishing deal. And a smashing success. He will soon meet lady Fame and the girl of his dream. Mathieu finally seems to have it all. But he will soon realize that his lie comes with a price…

97min French

True Friends

Directed byStephan ARCHINARD & François PRÉVÔT-LEYGONIE

With:Ana Girardot,Gerard Lanvin,Jean-Hugues Anglade,Wladimir Yordanoff,Zabou Breitman

Produced by: WY Productions, Cinémage, SND - Groupe M6


Traumatised because his father did not tell him the truth about the death of his mother when he was young, 50-something Walter will not tolerate the slightest lie. He never lies. And he expects his two best friends, Jacques and Paul, and his 20-year-old daughter, Clémence, to be completely truthful as well. Walter takes this attitude an extreme, even leaving his wife because she lied to him once. But Walter’s high standards are about to be severely tested when his friends prefer to hide essential facts of their personal lives from him: Jacques’ homosexuality and Paul’s love affair with… Clémence.

104min French