Directed byJuan Carlos MEDINA


11 years ago, inspector Malik couldn’t solve a kidnapping and a little girl died. Now with only a few days before the crime gets classified, he decides to reopen the case. Malik owes it to the mother and to himself. As he digs into the past, a child is kidnapped again. The pattern is the same one as a decade ago, it’s no coincidence. Malik knows he has a few days to make things rights and to bring justice. The clock is ticking…

French shooting


Directed byBret Easton Ellis

With:Joseph Quinn


After witnessing a horrific death during a drugged up party, Matt Cullen checks into rehab.
Three months later, he is set to get his life back together, staying at his parent’s mansion in the Hills of Los Angeles. But things have changed around Matt and everything seems off balance. Why is his best friend Ivan suddenly so close to his brother Sam ? Is his girlfirend Jade having an affair with Ivan ? Fueled by his unstable personality and the invading power of social media, Matt’s paranoïa grows, messing up with his rehabilitation program.
As he start using again, a mysterious presence starts growing around Matt, and a monster that has been haunting him since he was a teenager reveals itself. His therapist tries to help, convinced that the monster is actually in Matt’s head. But is it ?

English pre-production

Out of Control

Directed byAnne LE NY

With:Elodie Bouchez,José Garcia,Vanessa Paradis


Marie and Julien have been married for fifteen years. When Julien’s first love get back in town, Marie, insecure, finds comfort in Thomas, her charming manager. After a short and passionate affair, she breaks up. Thomas suddenly reveals his true nature. Blackmail, pressure, manipulation: he wants Marie for himself. She decides to fight back but the situation is critical : Julien and her will have to make difficult decisions and take risks…

French post-production


Directed byYann GOZLAN

With:Amira Casar,Diane Kruger,Marta Nieto,Mathieu Kassovitz

Produced by: 24 25 Production and Eagles Team


Official Selection at Zurich Film Festival 2023
Estelle, a brilliant airline captain is married to Guillaume, a renowned doctor. Thriving for perfection, Estelle is always in control. When she accidentally bumps into Ana, a former flame, Estelle falls in love all over again. As their affair gets more and more intense, Estelle has recurring visions, nightmares, hallucinations…and when Ana disappears mysteriously, she starts losing grip on reality. Estelle fears her life is in danger and a spiral of madness begins…

Under the Influence

Directed byAndréa BESCOND , Eric METAYER

With:Ahmed Sylla,Alexis Michalik,Marie Gillain

Produced by: Golden


2.5 Million of viewers
La Rochelle TV Drama Festival 2021 – Best Actress and Best Screenplay
Anna seems to have it all. A few months into dating Damien, an attractive smart and funny lawyer, she stabs him to everyone surprise. Noah, a cop, and Isabelle, her lawyer, team up to understand what happened. The more they investigate, the more they realize how manipulative, suffocative and dangerous Damien really is. What started as a single incident soon proves to be a pattern…


Directed byPatrice LECONTE

With:Gerard Depardieu,Mélanie Bernier

Produced by: F comme Film and Ciné-@


Paris, 1953. The famous Maigret investigates the death of a young girl. Nothing to identify the body, nobody seems to have known her, or even seen her. During his inquiry Maigret encounters Betty, a young offender. She remins him of the dead girl and of an older and far more intimate passing.

89min French


Directed byAnne LE NY

With:André Dussollier,Capucine Valmary,Christine Millet,José Garcia

Produced by: Move Movie


One night, after discovering that his wife cheats on him, Alexandre accidently kills her. Worried that the police would not buy the accident, he decides to hide the truth. He only shares his terrible secret with his daughter from a previous marriage, Lison. As an official investigation begins, Lison starts doubting her father’s honesty. What if he was just using her, as he manipulates everyone else around him? It is the beginning of a downward spiral…

110min French


Directed byJérôme SALLE

With:Gilles Lellouche,Joanna Kulig


Mathieu, member of the French institute in Irkutsk, is arrested overnight by the Russian authorities. Imprisoned and accused of sexual abuse on his own daughter, he realizes he is a victim of a Kompromat. Someone has built up with the FSB a case to frame him. Isolated, he has no one to turn to. Defence is impossible: the only way out is to escape.

127min French



In October 1958, the Sicilian newspaper L’ORA coins the term “MAFIA” for the very first time to denounce the endemic organized crime in the region. Shortly thereafter, a bomb detonates in front of the editorial offices; only two days later the daily reappears with the headline: ‘The Mafia may threaten us, our investigation continues.’ Inspired by true events, L’ORA takes place in Palermo of the late 50´s and early 1960s. Newly minted Editor in Chief with his group of fearless journalists focus their investigation on organized crime and its reach into every corner of church and society


Directed byLaure DE BUTLER

With:Frédéric Diefenthal,Lucile Marquis,Ophélie Kolb,Stanley Weber

Produced by: Beaubourg Audiovisual


Accused of murdering his neighbour, Jimmy Breyer faces a 15-year sentence. His violent past and disturbing behaviour do not work in his favour and he is unanimously found guilty. Inès, one of the member of the jury, cannot help but wonder: what if she has just sentenced an innocent man for murder? She decides to hire Charlie, a private detective to re-open the case. As they move forward with their investigation,
Inès gets closer to Jimmy and puts herself in danger. Inès and Charlie are now caught in a spiral of tragic and violent events. There is no going back…

4x52min French

The Fault

Directed byNils TAVERNIER

With:Jina Djemba,Natacha Lindinger,Philippe Lelièvre,Valérie Karsenti

Produced by: Sydney GALLONDE, VAB


Married, mother of 3 and with a full time job, Lisa Tedesco is way over her head. Claire, her best friend, couldn’t be more opposite. Claire is perfect in every way. When Lisa forgets to pick up Claire’s daughter at school and the teenage girl disappears, Lisa is devastated. With another teenager gone missing and a sexual predator in the area, Lisa will do anything to find her best friend’s daughter.

4 x 52min French

Thousand Cuts

Directed byEric VALETTE

With:Pascal Greggory,Terence Yin,Tomer Sisley

Produced by: The French Connection, Capture [The Flag] Films


Moissac, a small village in the south of France. Wounded, bleeding to death a terrorist finds refuge in a small house lost in the vineyard.
Wanted by the police, hunted by a drug organization, his days are numbered…

106min French

What Happened to Monday

Directed byTommy WIRKOLA

With:Glenn Close,Noomi Rapace,Willem Dafoe

Produced by: Vendôme Pictures, Raffaella Productions, SND - Groupe M6


In a not so distant future, where overpopulation and famine have forced governments to undertake a drastic One-Child Policy, seven identical sisters live a hide-and-seek existence pursued by the Child Allocation Bureau. The Bureau, directed by the fierce Nicolette Cayman, enforces a strict family planning agenda that the sisters outwit by taking turns assuming the identity of one person: Karen Settman. Taught by their grandfather who raised and named them – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – each can go outside once a week as their common identity, but are only free to be themselves in the prison of their own apartment. That is until, one day, Monday does not come home…

124min English


Directed byFrédéric TELLIER

With:Nathalie Baye,Olivier Gourmet,Raphael Personnaz

Produced by: Labyrinthe Films


Charlie, a young promising police inspector, joins “36 Quai des Orfèvres”, an elite homicide squad criminal investigation department. His first task job: a gruesome rape and murder case. Despite several leads, it remains a cold case. 3 years later, a similar case comes to his attention. Charlie knows it’s the same man. As murders keep happening, he gets more and more frustrated, and obsessed with the manhunt. It will take him 7 years to track down one of the fiercer French serial killer.

115min French

A perfect Man

Directed byYann GOZLAN

With:Ana Girardot,Pierre Niney

Produced by: 24/25 Films, WY Productions


Mathieu Vasseur is an aspiring and struggling writer. Looking for inspiration at night, he moves houses for a living. Luck strikes when he finds a manuscript in a dead man house while working. The memoirs of a soldier. That turns out to be a masterpiece. Mathieu can’t help but submit the book as his own. And for the first time, got himself a publishing deal. And a smashing success. He will soon meet lady Fame and the girl of his dream. Mathieu finally seems to have it all. But he will soon realize that his lie comes with a price…

97min French


Directed byFabrice du WELZ

With:Helena Noguerra,Laurent Lucas,Lola Duenas

Produced by: Panique, Radar Films , Savage Film, One Eyed


Michel is an inveterate womanizer and professional hustler. When he meets Gloria, she falls in love with him like the others. But more excessively. Gloria finds her reason to live in Michel. Their relation is passionate, limitless. When Gloria discovers Michel’s hustling she becomes his accomplice rather than risk losing him. Together embark on a wild and deadly odyssey. Their unfettered passions will drive them to the brink of insanity…

89min French


Directed byOlivier PANCHOT

With:Hiam Abbass,Jalil Lespert,Tcheky Karyo

Produced by: Elzévir films


Alex, son of the Marseille mafia boss, joined the Foreign Legion to run away from a rival gang years ago. Now, Alex deserts and returns to his hometown decided to settle down with his ex-girlfriend. His arrival sets a complex series of events in motion. Stranded in a ruthless city plagued by organized crime, Alex must escape both the police and his enemies…

95min French

Our heroes died tonight

Directed byDavid PERRAULT

With:Denis Ménochet,Jean-Pierre Martins

Produced by: Mille et Une Productions


Paris, the early sixties. Wrestling is a prosperous business. Every match is a play in which wrestlers perform a role for the sole benefit of the bookies. Simon, known as “The Specter”, recruits Victor to play “the Bucher”, a villain everybody hates. Lonely and insecure Victor finds it hard to play the bad guy, fearing that he will actually become one. Simon offers him an exchange. Victor will enter the ring as “The Specter”, and receive all the cheers for once. The match starts and nobody notices the difference. But something goes wrong…

97min French

The Informant

Directed byJulien LECLERCQ

With:Gilles Lellouche,Riccardo Scamarcio,Tahar Rahim

Produced by: Dimitri Rassam, Chapter 2, Transfilms Intl. INC, SND Groupe M6


The extraordinary true story of ordinary Frenchman, Marc Fiévet, moonlighting as a customs informant in Gibraltar. Earning enough extra cash to buy a long desired boat, helping his family upgrade their lifestyle – and the sense of adventure that comes with rubbing elbows with the rough characters involved in drug trafficking – seem to be a fair trade-off for spying on his restaurant clients. But suddenly Fiévet’s life spins out of control as he is caught up in a web of political intrigue and illicit drug trade, quickly becoming a pawn in an international power play among drug lords and rival customs officials patrolling deadly waters.

116min French

In the House

Directed byFrançois OZON

With:Emmanuelle Seigner,Ernest Umhaeur,Fabrice Luchini,Kristin Scott Thomas

Produced by: Mandarin Cinéma


A 16-year-old teenager sneaks into the house of one of the pupils in his class and writes about in one of the pieces of writing he gives to his French teacher. Confronted by this talented and different student, the teacher finds renewed joy in teaching. However, the teenager’s home invasion will set off a series of uncontrollable events.

105min French

The councel

Directed byCédric ANGER

With:Benoît Magimel,Gilbert Melki


Leo, a young, ambitious attorney, is approached by Paul Vanoni, a businessman involved in the mob, for a job. First reluctant and troubled by Vanoni’s past, Leo eventually accepts. Passionate and gifted in his work, he achieves success in working for Vanoni. However, Leo soon forgets rule number one – never befriend your client. As he becomes more involved with Vanoni, Leo must face the facts of his client’s affairs: illegal dumping of toxic waste, murder, missing witnesses. It becomes obvious that the police have their eye on Leo – what he knows can be dangerous. The time for him to choose has arrived.

102min French

The Counsel

Directed byCédric ANGER

With:Barbet Schroeder,Benoît Magimel,Eric Caravaca,Gilbert Melki

Produced by: Sunrise Films


Leo, a young ambitious attorney, is approached by Paul Vanoni a businessman involved in the mob, for a job. First reluctant and troubled by Vanoni’s past, Leo eventually accepts. Passionate and gifted in his work, he achieves success in working for Vanoni. However, Leo soon forgets rule number one – never befriend your client. As he becomes more involved with Vanoni, Leo must face the facts of his client’s affairs: illegal dumping of toxic waste, murder, missing witnesses. It becomes obvious that the police have their eye on Leo and all he knows can be dangerous. Tangled in a deadly scheme, he’ll have to find a way to protect his family, his job… his life.

95min French


Directed bySandra & Hugues MARTIN

With:Aurélien Wiik,Cyril Raffaelli,Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet,Saïd Taghmaoui,Thierry Frémont

Produced by: Delante Films, Karé Productions


The North African desert of The Sahara – 1960 Soldiers are sent on a rescue mission in the desert. Trapped in a sandstorm, isolated from their commander, they run into Algerian rebels. As they seek shelter in an uncharted village another, invisible, threat comes out from the desert – the Djinns. As their ranks are decimated, they’ll face the longest night of their lives.

110min French


Directed byOlivier ABBOU

With:Nicole Leroux  ,Roc Lafortune,Sean Devine

Produced by: Capture [The Flag] Films & Noodles Production, Les Films Esplanade, Les Films duTerritoire


Five friends are on their way home after a wedding in Canada. They are about to cross the border with the USA when they’re stopped. The border police. The police officers are scrupulous, and suspicious. The questioning slowly intensifies, especially with Jalil. As good citizens, the group stays calm. After all they’ve done nothing wrong… But pot is found in the car and tension rises up. The police check, unpleasant so far, takes a revolting, nasty turn. The officers refuse to let the youngest take his medication, her sister, a lawyer, revolts herself. The group is cuffed, and she got a “deep” body search under her friend’s eyes. Then the dog’s suspected to be a mule… and the patroller rips its stomach with a knife ! Situation is getting out of control. Someone is shot. The group is arrested
and sent to a special jail in the heart of the forest. Cages are waiting for them. Along with intensive questioning. But who are these supposed officers ? And what do they want ?

95min French

The double hour

Directed byGiuseppe CAPOTONDI

With:Filippo Timi,Ksenia Rappoport

Produced by: Indigo Film, Medusa Film


Sonia is a housekeeper in a hotel. Guido is a former policeman working as security guard in a villa. Their paths cross at a speed dating event. Little is said but attraction is immediate. They get to know each other and Guido invites her to join him in the villa where he works… when all of sudden, surprised by robbers, Guido is shot. Sonia is wounded and survives but she has no memory of the attack. Left alone to grieve, Sonia feels shattered. And above all, is the man she keeps seeing really Guido – defying all logic, or is she loosing her mind? Is she given another chance? Why her past comes back to her right now? All answers will arrive, in a continuous twist and turn of events.

95min Italian

Bitter Victory

Directed byFrançois FAVRAT

With:Christian Clavier,Clovis Cornillac

Produced by: Les Films du Kiosque


Xavier Alvarez (Cornillac) is a successful self-made man. His construction business is doing well, yet he still goes to extreme lengths to hide his humble origins. When Alvarez meets Vincent Cluzel (Clavier), a deputy running for mayor, he befriends the candidate and decides to help his campaign, secretly hoping that a victory will grant him public contracts. Putting all his strength – and money – in the election, Alvarez makes over their image of his protégé and succeeds in implicating the main opponent in a political/industrial scandal. Cluzel carries the election, and now it’s payback time for Alvarez. First enthusiastic and full of hope, he soon learns that politics is like no other business – victory can be very bitter.

105min French

Burnt Money

Directed byMarcelo PIÑEYRO

With:Eduardo Noriega,Leonardo Sbaraglia,Leticia Bredice,Pablo Echarri


Goya Award for Best Spanish-language Foreign Film in 2001
Buenos Aires in 1965. Nene and Angel are two professional gangsters called “the twins.” They are not brothers but lovers. Yet it’s not the same between them. When they are offered a big botched bank robbery, they accept, each one concealing his own concerns. They secretly hope that this new job will allow them to go back to the perfect couple they were before. But nothing goes as planned …

125min Espagnol


Directed byPatrick JAMAIN

With:John Shea,Nathalie Baye,Richard Berry

Produced by: La Guéville - La Capac - TF1 Films Production - SND


Facing deportation, Frenchwoman Cécile turns to a dating service to find an American to marry and stay in the US. However, it soon turns out that her pick, Zack, is not quite who he seems and that he’s disturbingly obsessed with her.

101min French

Breaking Point

Directed byYvan ATTAL

With:Guillaume Canet,Maïwenn,Marie-Josée Croze,Yvan Attal

Produced by: Curiosa Films


Since Vincent saved his life years ago, Mathieu has been in debt and in his shadow. Mathieu is now used and tired to cover his friend’s affairs. When he meets Elsa, Vincent’s rejected mistress who threatens to reveal everything, Mathieu also falls under the spell of the young woman. The quiet innocent friend and loving husband soon gets caught in a web of lies and deception.  The rot has set in.  And death awaits around the corner…


84min French