Just retired

Directed byFabrice BRACQ

With:Michèle Laroque,Thierry Lhermitte

Produced by: SND – Groupe M6, Films Manuel Munz


Marilou and Philippe are finally retired! They cannot wait to move to Portugal. At last, they will have time for themselves. They just have to sell their house and tell their family about the move. What should be a mere formality turns into quite a challenge. The couple’s daughter keeps asking them to babysit, her husband squats their house and Patrick’s mother needs constant care. Marilou and Philippe cannot find the time nor the courage to make their announcement and keep postponing their departure. They should have known you cannot escape your family so easily…

97min French

The New Life of Paul Sneijder

Directed byThomas VINCENT

With:Géraldine Pailhas,Thierry Lhermitte

Produced by: Ciné Nominé, Caramel Films


Paul Sneijder leads a decent, uneventful life in Montreal. Until his eldest daughter dies in a tragic and absurd elevator accident. Devastated, he has no one to turn to. His wife is focused on her job. Their twin sons are self-absorbed teenagers. Paul needs a dramatic change and quits his job. During his many walks and encounters in the city parks, he becomes a dog walker. If Paul can survive the wacky canines and their equally crazy owners, the cold Canadian winter and his wife’s strange obsession for organic chicken, he might be on a journey to self-recovery…

114min French