Directed byAnthony MARCIANO

With:Alain Chabat,Alice Isaaz,Max Boublil,Noémie Lvovsky

Produced by: Mars Films, Chapter 2, Moonshaker


1993, thirteen years old Max is offered his first video camera. From the 90’s to the present, Max recorded everything: his friends, his successes, his heartbreaks, his first times… The essential and the futile. On the eve of the biggest decision of his existence, he edits the movie of his life. The movie of everyone’s life.

108min French

Big Bang

Directed byCecilia ROUAUD

With:Camille Cottin,Chantal Lauby,Jean-Pierre Bacri,Pierre Deladonchamps,Vanessa Paradis

Produced by: Firelight, Jerico


When their grandfather dies, Gabrielle, Elsa and Mao are reunited. They hadn’t seen each other much for the past 20 years, following their parents’ divorce. Gabrielle works as a human statue in Paris. Elsa is going through a difficult time in her couple. Mao is chronically depressed. Life could not be better… Their parents are of no help either: their father is always absent and their mother is far too present. The siblings can’t wait to leave but their grandmother has a last wish. She wants them to take her one last time to Saint Julien, in the countryside where they spent their summers as children… It’s only dealing with their own past and trauma, that Gabrielle, Elsa and Mao will be able to re-invent themselves.

99min French

Guest list

With:Alix Poisson,Anne Benoit,Brigitte Sy,François-Xavier Demaison,Jean-Philippe Ricci,Julien Boisselier,Sarah LePicard

Produced by: B2FILMS, Endemoshine Fiction


Alex and Agnès are finally married ! All their friends and close ones are here to celebrate. What a wonderful day! And when Agnès announces she is pregnant, what a surprise! Especially for Alex, who never told her he was sterile… As the night unfolds, Alex tries to get to the bottom of things, while guests show their true colors…

8x52min French

The New Life of Paul Sneijder

Directed byThomas VINCENT

With:Géraldine Pailhas,Thierry Lhermitte

Produced by: Ciné Nominé, Caramel Films


Paul Sneijder leads a decent, uneventful life in Montreal. Until his eldest daughter dies in a tragic and absurd elevator accident. Devastated, he has no one to turn to. His wife is focused on her job. Their twin sons are self-absorbed teenagers. Paul needs a dramatic change and quits his job. During his many walks and encounters in the city parks, he becomes a dog walker. If Paul can survive the wacky canines and their equally crazy owners, the cold Canadian winter and his wife’s strange obsession for organic chicken, he might be on a journey to self-recovery…

114min French

On Air

Directed byPierre PINAUD

With:Dani,Jean-Noël Brouté,Karin Viard,Nicolas Duvauchelle


Melina, 40, is the most famous voice of the French radio. On her night show, she cheekily, humorously, and taboolessly solves her listeners’emotional and sexual issues. But, in her everyday life, she is obnoxious, cannot stand being touched, and lives an old maid existence in chic districts of Paris. Looking for a mother she never knew, she finds out she actually lives with her large family in the suburbs. Decided to meet up with her mom, she gets in touch with the members of this family without disclosing her identity…

89min French


Directed byJalil LESPERT

With:Audrey Tautou,Benoît Magimel,Isabelle Carré


Directed by the gifted young Jalil Lespert, Headwinds is a radiant and tender film with wind-swept coastal landscapes as a setting for a father’s struggle to keep afloat.
Starting over again, letting go of the past and trying to understand: why did Sarah leave? Paul and his children long for an answer, refusing to let go, hoping… Ever since his wife Sarah disappeared without a word and leaving no trace, Paul copes alone with his two young children. After a year of trying to reconstruct his daily life Paul is exhausted. Seeking a new start by returning to his roots, he moves back to his home town, Saint Malo. But who, in fact, is Paul?

91min French

Just The Three Of Us

Directed byRenaud BERTRAND

With:Audrey Dana,Emmanuelle Beart,Jacques Gamblin,Stefano Acorsi

Produced by: Babe Films & PTD


Sébastien, 7 years old, worships his mother (Emmanuelle Béart) – in his dreams, she is a queen. He pays little attention to his father (Jacques Gamblin), a failed inventor who’s never around.
When a new neighbour, Philippe (Stefano Accorsi), moves in next door, Sébastien is sure to have discovered his mother’s prince charming. He now has a mission: unite his mother with her prince.
As the boy gets closer to Philippe, so does his mother. His dream may not be out of reach, but it will have consequences.

86min French

Victoire Bonnot

Directed byPhilippe Dajoux

With:Shirley Bousuet,Valérie Damidot


Victoire Bonnot is a high school counsellor, who does her job with passion, enthusiasm and… tenacity. Resolving students’ problems, repairing gross injustice sor just participating to a class meeting, Victoire is always there, but never with common methods. Her strong temperament and her humour are both her best assets and worst defects as she strives to help students.

7 x 50min French

Lily Sometimes

Directed byFabienne BERTHAUD

With:Diane Kruger,Ludivine Sagnier

Produced by: Le Bureau


Lily is like no other girl. Uninhibited and free-spirited, she lives in the moment and allows no one to tell her what to do. She has her own world in which she lives in harmony with nature. Her elder sister, Clara, had left home a long time ago to get married and live her life in a big city. When their mother dies, Clara has to come back home to manage the inheritance and her little sister Lily, who is unable to take care of herself. Bucolic scenery, liberating fantasies and sisterly love will help these very different characters find their path to happiness…

105min French

Anything you say

Directed byGuillaume CANET

With:Clotilde Courau,Daniel Prévost,Diane Kruger,François Berléand,Guillaume Canet,Philippe Lefebvre

Produced by: Les Productions du Trésor


Young Bastien is very pleased when his hugely successful TV producer boss Jean-Louis Broustal begins to recognize him for his talents and then invites him to his country house for the weekend to work on a new show. But gradually it becomes clear that no work is going to be done. In fact, Broustal and his much younger pretty wife seem to want Bastien for something very different than for his television talents. But can he accept their offer? Can he afford not to? Things go awry and lead to a taut and frenzied finish.

110min French