A Stroke of Luck

Directed byFrancesca ARCHIBUGI

With:Antonio Albanese,Kim Rossi Stuart


It was unlikely that Angelo’s and Alberto’s paths should ever have crossed. Angelo is a solid family man, runs his own garage and works to provide a good life for his family. Alberto is a successful writer, but a loner, loudmouthed, clumsy and kind of crazy. But, as Angelo says, their “engines seized” on the same night – each suffering a heart attack. They met in the E.R… Everything changes after their discharge from the hospital. The stroke makes Angelo rightly fear for his family’s future. Alberto can not commit to the woman he loves and suffers from writer’s block. But when they are together, they feel better, stronger. As Alberto faces financial struggle, Angelo welcomes him into his family, introducing him to Rossana, his beautiful, strong wife, and Perla and Ayrton, their children. Alberto discovers what a family is and opens up. As Angelo’s health declines, fearing death, he devises a plan for the future: entrust his newfound friend with his dearest treasure – his family.

104min Italian