Beny Back To the Wild

Directed byAlain TIXIER


Here comes the true story of Beny, the little monkey. Captured by hunters and held in captivity in the city of Kinshasa. But Beny is rescued by Claudine André. She has dedicated her life to Bonobos, monkeys who share 98% of the human DNA! Claudine brings Beny back to her sanctuary where she starts him off on a great journey: his way back to the wild life!

90min French

Teach me if you can

Directed byEmilie THEROND

Produced by: WINDS


From a Siberian nomads’ camp buried under snow to the remote bush of Burkina Faso, passing by the flooded lands of Bangladesh, 3 teachers are inspired by their sole and common vocation. They are the very discreet and humble heroes who will help building the adults of tomorrow. They know an educated child can change the world…

French & English