Directed byThierry DONARD


From the Arctic Circle to the depths of the ocean, passing through the largest waves of Nazaré in Portugal, Thierry Donard takes us to the discovery of sportsmen from extreme disciplines from around the world sharing the same values, the same passion and the same requirement as him. He tells us about his encounters until we get into the intimacy of the athletes and the risks taken to capture the highlights of these adventures. Each episode shows how much chemistry between the film crew and the athletes is essential to capture their achievements and deliver us the most breathtaking images.

5 x 52 min English


Directed byThierry DONARD

With:Chris Espen,Max Gueronzi


Over the past 30 years, Thierry Donard and his team have dedicated their lives to capturing on film athletes pushing their physical and mental limits against the awesome power of Mother Nature. Their heart-stopping performances are matched only by the crew’s determination to share these extraordinary moments with the audience. Each year athletes from across the globe are featured in the now legendary ’Nuit de la Glisse’ film tour, a celebration of action sports and a way of life, released into venues around the world. These are stories of passionate people on both sides of the camera who have helped make this film tour a must-see event for the past 30 years!

13 x 26min English

Beny Back To the Wild

Directed byAlain TIXIER


Here comes the true story of Beny, the little monkey. Captured by hunters and held in captivity in the city of Kinshasa. But Beny is rescued by Claudine André. She has dedicated her life to Bonobos, monkeys who share 98% of the human DNA! Claudine brings Beny back to her sanctuary where she starts him off on a great journey: his way back to the wild life!

90min French

Animals in Love

Directed byLaurent CHARBONNIER

With:Cécile de France

Produced by: MC4


Every year and in all seasons, the entire earth echoes with songs, grunts and cries of love. Dance as well as offerings is part of the game. Thus all the species devote and sometimes sacrifice their lives towards courting and procreation. Man is not unique when it comes to seduce. His behaviors are already present in the animal
world. A playful, beautiful and touching film, Animals in Love is an extraordinary epic tale featuring hundreds of species.

85min English