Just to be sure

Directed byCarine TARDIEU

With:Cécile de France,François Damiens,Guy Marchand

Produced by: Kare Productions


Erwan, 45, finds out his father is not his biological father. His real father would be Joseph, a man her mother briefly knew. How unlucky that Erwan had just fallen in love for the beautiful Anna, who happens to be Joseph’s only daughter? Unable to confront Bastien who raised him or reveal his identity to Joseph and Anna, Erwan also has to deal with Juliette, his own daughter. Now several months pregnant she still doesn’t know who the father of her baby is. All of sudden Erwan’s life just got really complicated…

100min French

Animals in Love

Directed byLaurent CHARBONNIER

With:Cécile de France

Produced by: MC4


Every year and in all seasons, the entire earth echoes with songs, grunts and cries of love. Dance as well as offerings is part of the game. Thus all the species devote and sometimes sacrifice their lives towards courting and procreation. Man is not unique when it comes to seduce. His behaviors are already present in the animal
world. A playful, beautiful and touching film, Animals in Love is an extraordinary epic tale featuring hundreds of species.

85min English


Directed byIvan CALBÉRAC

With:Bruno Putzulu,Cécile de France


Rather pretty, Irene has everything to be happy: a good job, amusing girlfriends, and a new apartment with a view overlooking all of Paris. But every time she meets someone, it’s a real disaster..Either he’s married and can’t make up his mind to leave his wife, or he’s just been transferred to Tokyo, or worse still, he discovers he’s gay during their relationship. Which means that aged thirty, Irene is still unmarried…
It’s time things changed!

98min French