Directed byAlexandre ASTIER

With:Alain Chabat,Christian Clavier

Produced by: REGULAR


The tyrannic Lancelot and his Anglo-Saxons mercenaries rule by terror over the kingdom of Logres. The Gods, insulted by such a cruel dictatorship, trigger the return of Arthur Pendragon and the rise of the Resistance. Will Arthur be able to bring together the rebelion, overthrow his rival, get Kaamelott back and restore peace in Britain ?

119min French


Directed byAnthony MARCIANO

With:Alain Chabat,Alice Isaaz,Max Boublil,Noémie Lvovsky

Produced by: Mars Films, Chapter 2, Moonshaker


1993, thirteen years old Max is offered his first video camera. From the 90’s to the present, Max recorded everything: his friends, his successes, his heartbreaks, his first times… The essential and the futile. On the eve of the biggest decision of his existence, he edits the movie of his life. The movie of everyone’s life.

108min French