Directed byJulien HERVE

With:Christian Clavier,Didier Bourdon,Marianne Denicourt,Sylvie Testud

Produced by: WY White and Yellow


About to get married, Alice and François organize a meeting between their 2 families coming from very different backgrounds. For the occasion, Alice decides to offer their parents DNA tests. The results will blow everyone’s certainties! What could be worse for a conservative bourgeois to learn he is not 100% French, or for a proud French car salesman he actually has German origins?

91min French

Employee of the month

Directed byJérôme COMMANDEUR

With:Christian Clavier,Jérôme Commandeur,Laetitia Dosch,Valérie Lemercier

Produced by: SND


Vincent Peltier lives the life he always wanted and has the job of his dream. As public servant, he has spent his life enjoying the benefits of his status. When the new reformist government decides to cut down on bureaucracy, Vincent refuses to go. However, the ministry employee Isabelle Bailliencourt has vowed to get rid of him. Vincent gets transferred from one senseless job to another, from one isolated location to another. Sent to the north pole he meets Eva, a scientist that changes his perspective on life… It is time for him to make a decision.

90min French


Directed byAlexandre ASTIER

With:Alain Chabat,Christian Clavier

Produced by: REGULAR


The tyrannic Lancelot and his Anglo-Saxons mercenaries rule by terror over the kingdom of Logres. The Gods, insulted by such a cruel dictatorship, trigger the return of Arthur Pendragon and the rise of the Resistance. Will Arthur be able to bring together the rebelion, overthrow his rival, get Kaamelott back and restore peace in Britain ?

119min French

With Open Arms

Directed byPhilippe DE CHAUVERON

With:Ary Abittan,Christian Clavier,Elsa Zylberstein

Produced by: Camera One, Ouille Productions, Pulsar Productions


Married to a rich heiress, Jean Etienne Fougerole is a brilliant and well-known, left-wing intellectual. His last books bombed so he needs “You’re welcome !” his new book – about offering shelter to those in need – to be a success. Invited on a TV talkshow, Fougerole is confronted by a pugnacious journalist. The discussion grows heated as they debate the proper response to the Rroms issue. The journalist dares Fougerole to welcome Rroms to his own house rather than encouraging other to do so. Cornered, and eager to prove that he is a man of his world, Fougerole shares his address. The journalist is stunned. Fougerole savors his victory. Unfortunately, a Rrom father, Babik, and his family of nine have been watching the show with great interest. The very next morning Fougerole discovers them on his doorstep ready to move in. For the left-wing writer, his yuppie wife and their idealistic son a complicated and strange cohabitation is just beginning. It will unnerve them and test every conviction they have ever had …

93min French

Bitter Victory

Directed byFrançois FAVRAT

With:Christian Clavier,Clovis Cornillac

Produced by: Les Films du Kiosque


Xavier Alvarez (Cornillac) is a successful self-made man. His construction business is doing well, yet he still goes to extreme lengths to hide his humble origins. When Alvarez meets Vincent Cluzel (Clavier), a deputy running for mayor, he befriends the candidate and decides to help his campaign, secretly hoping that a victory will grant him public contracts. Putting all his strength – and money – in the election, Alvarez makes over their image of his protégé and succeeds in implicating the main opponent in a political/industrial scandal. Cluzel carries the election, and now it’s payback time for Alvarez. First enthusiastic and full of hope, he soon learns that politics is like no other business – victory can be very bitter.

105min French