Tricky Old Dogs 2

Directed byChristophe DUTHURON

With:Alice Pol,Bernard Le Coq,Eddy Mitchell,Pierre Richard

Produced by: Radar Films


The heroes of the best selling comic book saga return for a new adventure. They grew older, they certainly didn’t get any wiser. Pierrot, providing a shelter to six refugees in Paris, suddenly has to find them a new safe house.  He chooses to move to the South of France where everyone will enjoy Antoine’s hospitality. Looking for calm and serenity, the refugees realise the village of Montcoeur isn’t ready for them yet. While Emile, also crashing at Antoine’s, tries to revive an old flame, Sophie decides it’s time to fight against stereotypes. When the old gang finds itself working for the mayor election campaign, everything goes wild…

97min French

Song Express

Directed byFabrice MARUCA

With:Alice Pol,Clovis Cornillac


Franck just had the most crazy and wonderful idea for a company that would finally get him and his friends proper jobs. As Uber delivers food, Amazon daily items, Song Express will deliver songs. To your friends, or your loved one, or yourself, anywhere you want. It is brilliant, it is foolish, it could work… For Franck, Jean-Claude, Sophie and José, Song Express becomes something more than just a professional challenge: it is the dream of a lifetime.

90min French