Eloise’s Journey

Directed byMurielle MAGELLAN

With:Grégoire Ludig,Pierre Deladonchamps,Sara Giraudeau

Produced by: Hildegarde


When Eloise wakes up, she has no memories of her past. Her friends, her job, her family, her life: she truly is a mystery to herself. Patching a few pieces together, Eloise manages to find her flat and her job. However, with no recollection of who she was, she finds herself navigating someone else life. As the days go, Eloise discovers who she was and is not fond of it. Eloise realizes her amnesia is an opportunity. It is time for a fresh start!

99min French

Song Express

Directed byFabrice MARUCA

With:Alice Pol,Clovis Cornillac


Franck just had the most crazy and wonderful idea for a company that would finally get him and his friends proper jobs. As Uber delivers food, Amazon daily items, Song Express will deliver songs. To your friends, or your loved one, or yourself, anywhere you want. It is brilliant, it is foolish, it could work… For Franck, Jean-Claude, Sophie and José, Song Express becomes something more than just a professional challenge: it is the dream of a lifetime.

90min French

Welcome to Trouilly

Directed byAnne DEPETRINI

With:Bérengère Krief,Grégory Fitoussi,Marilou Berry,Patrick Chesnais

Produced by: NAC Films


Agathe Langlois (Bérengère Krief), a bright 30-something fashionista, is a substitute English teacher in one of the most prestigious junior high schools of Paris. Transferred to Trouilly-sur Selles, her world collapses. With no family or friends, she finds herself 300 km away from Paris – and any form of Civilization. Agathe is desperate… As the year goes by, and with the help of Raphael (Grégory Fitoussi) – a smart math teacher – she begins to realize that she might not be in hell after all…

87min French


Directed bySaphia AZZEDDINE François-Régis JEANNE

With:Alice David,Charlotte Gabris,Sabrina Ouazani

Produced by: Capture the Flag, Mandarin Films, Empreinte Films, Umedia, SND


25 something Salma, Olivia and Lauren have never met. Until they inherit a luxurious flat in Paris, from their estranged biological father! The 3 sisters have nothing in common and cohabitation is rocky. Salma teaches in a difficult suburb, Lauren is a true Parisian fashionista, and Olivia is obsessed by finding the perfect husband. They will have to learn to become sisters to keep the flat the legitimate family wants back.

105min French

Break it all

Directed byMarc FOUCHARD

With:Kevin Mischel,Sabrina Ouazani

Produced by: Nynamor, SND Groupe M6


Lucie has only one dream: she wants to join the Byrd Dance Company. When she has an accident rehearsing, her parents urge Lucie to focus on her law exams. Lucie has other plans. She is convinced she needs to work twice as hard and get out of her comfort zone. She asks Vince, a magnetic break dancer with a past, to introduce her to his crew and give her lessons.

96min French

The Confession

Directed byNicolas BOUKHRIEF

With:Marine Vacth,Romain Duris

Produced by: Radar Films, Nebo Productions, Scope Pictures


Lying on her deathbed, Barny recollects upon meeting and falling in love with Leon Morin, a priest during WWII. A communist and a free spirit, the independent young woman meets with the priest to challenge his faith. But Morin is not what she expected. The clergyman is a modern man and a humanist. Longing for her husband to come back from the prisoner camps, Barny takes comforts in her discussions with the handsome priest.  As Morin tries to teach her the beauty of Faith, Barny falls in love with him. Only too late does she realize the impossibility of her situation …

115min French

The Full House

Directed byEmmanuel GILLIBERT

With:Arnaud Ducret,Louise Bourgoin

Produced by: CG Cinéma


Antoine a longtime bachelor and womanizer cannot wait for his new roommate to arrive. Expecting the director of a modeling agency, he meets instead Jeanne (Louise Bourgoin), a divorced mother of two… Antoine’s world and routine are turned upside down. No more parties, no more girls. And Jeanne can’t and won’t move. They will have to learn to live together…

105min French

Service entrance


With:Carmen Maura,Fabrice Luchini,Lola Duenas,Sandrine Kimberlain


Paris, 1960. Jean-Louis Joubert lives a peaceful yet boring bourgeois existence with his wife, a perfect socialite, his children in a boarding school and his finance office. The family has their world turned upside down when exuberant Spanish maids moved in their building’s sixth floor, the servant’s quarters. Teresa, Carmen, Dolorès, Concepcion and their niece Maria who just arrived from Burgos. Jean-Louis will unexpectedly tie bonds with them, especially with Maria. She is young, pretty, happy and full of joy. In a word, Jean-Louis’s life is about to change… a lot.

105min French


Directed byPascal CHAUMEIL

With:Romain Duris,Vanessa Paradis

Produced by: Quad Films


Alex and his sister run a business designed to break up relationships. They are hired by a rich man to break up the wedding of his daughter. The only problem is that they only have one week to do so.

105min French

Someone I Loved

Directed byZabou BREITMAN

With:Daniel Auteuil,Marie-Josée Croze


In one night, Pierre will share with Chloé, his daughter-in-law, a heavy secret that has been haunting him for the past 20 years… a secret that forces him to look at himself, his contradictions and his choices, his role as a man and his shortcomings.
He tells of his passionate love for Mathilde. Unable to abandon everything for her, instead he chose a road that was more stable and familiar.

104min French

Tell Me I’m pretty

Directed byBernard Jeanjean

With:Julien Boisselier,Marina Foïs


Fanny is a 30 years old single woman. She invited a male colleague for dinner at her home that night even though she met him that day. She wants her life to be simple these days: no love affair, she just wants one night stand and absolutely no commitment. So tonight she is going to seduce him and play the game to get what she wants; nice music, soft lighting, sexy underwear.
No way he can stay indifferent and escape! But when Paul a really nice and sensitive guys shows up, nothing happens according to plan… what if love, after all was in the air?

85min French


Directed byIvan CALBÉRAC

With:Bruno Putzulu,Cécile de France


Rather pretty, Irene has everything to be happy: a good job, amusing girlfriends, and a new apartment with a view overlooking all of Paris. But every time she meets someone, it’s a real disaster..Either he’s married and can’t make up his mind to leave his wife, or he’s just been transferred to Tokyo, or worse still, he discovers he’s gay during their relationship. Which means that aged thirty, Irene is still unmarried…
It’s time things changed!

98min French

The Beauty and the Beast

Directed byJean COCTEAU

With:Jean Marais,Josette Day,Marcel André,Michel Auclair,Mila Parély,Nane Germon


Once upon a time there was a very beautiful girl whose father picked a rose in the Beast’s garden. In order to save her father’s life she decides to pay a visit to the Beast. At first she is repelled by its ugliness, but then her feelings change and she begins to feel sorry for the Beast. Overwhelmed by the young girl’s charm and outstanding beauty the Beast turns itself into Prince Charming…

86min French