Directed byAnne FONTAINE

With:Doria Tillier,Emmanuelle Devos,Jeanne Balibar,Raphaël Personnaz,Vincent Perez

Produced by: Ciné@, CinéFrance Studios, F comme Film


Paris, the Roaring Twenties. Choregrapher Ida Rubinstein chooses Maurice Ravel to compose the music for her next ballet. She wants something bold, something sensual. Well known and established, Ravel finds himself incapable of writing anything. Reliving his memories, facing his old loves and failures, the composer will give birth to his greatest success ever : the Bolero.


Almost Friends

Directed byAnne LE NY

With:Emmanuelle Devos,Karin Viard,Roschdy Zem

Produced by: Move Movie


Carole (Devos) starts to feel overshadowed by her husband, the star restaurateur Sam (Roschdy Zem), to such an extent that one day she shows up at a center for professional re-education and re-insertion to explore other possible options for her future. Her case is handled by the busy-bee, extremely organized officer worker Marithe (Viard), though things almost immediately start off on the wrong foot because, on her first visit, Carole’s too scared to admit what she does for a living and the same evening, Marithe is taken out for dinner for her birthday to Sam’s restaurant, where Carole is the hostess. The flustered Carole introduces Marithe to Sam as her “gym buddy,” and not much later, life starts imitating Carole’s lies, at least to the extent that the two women start seeing each other outside of Carole’s office appointments. Marithe also meets Sam again on several occasions…

90min French