Directed byAnne FONTAINE

With:Doria Tillier,Emmanuelle Devos,Jeanne Balibar,Raphaël Personnaz,Vincent Perez

Produced by: Ciné@, CinéFrance Studios, F comme Film


Paris, the Roaring Twenties. Choregrapher Ida Rubinstein chooses Maurice Ravel to compose the music for her next ballet. She wants something bold, something sensual. Well known and established, Ravel finds himself incapable of writing anything. Reliving his memories, facing his old loves and failures, the composer will give birth to his greatest success ever : the Bolero.


Abbé Pierre, a century of devotion

Directed byFrédéric TELLIER

With:Benjamin Lavernhe,Emmanuelle Bercot

Produced by: SND and WY Production


OFFICIAL SELECTION IN CANNES 2023 – OUT OF COMPETITION                                                                                                                                                                                  Born and raised a catholic, Henri Groues is determined to become a priest. WWII begins and decides otherwise : he joins the Resistance. Losing a friend on the battlefield, facing the horrors of war but the beauty and strengh of brotherwood Henri Groues emerges as a new man : Abbé Pierre. From the end of WWII to his death in 2007 Abbé Pierre will live many lives and face many battles. State representative, founder of Emmaus, Abbé Pierre will fight for the homeless and give a voice to the speechless. A French figure, Abbé Pierre met Charlie Chaplin, De Gaulle, Einstein… A humanist, he met everyone in needs. His dedication earned him the respect of his peers and a place in every hearts. His impact earned him a place in History.

138min French post-production

De Gaulle

Directed byGabriel LE BOMIN

With:Gilles Cohen,Isabelle Carré,Lambert Wilson,Laurent Stocker,Olivier Gourmet

Produced by: Vertigo Productions


May 1940. France is facing a disastrous military situation against the German army. Charles de Gaulle, newly appointed General, joins the Government in Paris while Yvonne, his wife, and their three children stay in the East. Facing the defeatist attitude of Pétain ready to negotiate with Hitler, de Gaulle has one purpose: continue fighting. And along with thousands of French families, Yvonne and the children are soon forced to flee the advancing German troops.
Without contact from one another, the doubt arises: will the de Gaulle family be sacrificed for the sake of France?
An outstanding destiny that will change the course of WWII & French History.

109min French

Yves Saint Laurent

Directed byJalil LESPERT

With:Charlotte Le Bon,Guillaume Gallienne,Pierre Niney

Produced by: SND - Groupe M6, Hérodiade, Cinéfrance


Paris, January 1958. Yves Saint Laurent, aged merely 21, had been unexpectedly called upon to oversee the great fashion house established by the recently deceased Christian Dior.
All eyes turned to this very young assistant as he presents his first haute couture collection for Dior. During the highly successful and ground-breaking show, Yves Saint Laurent met Pierre Bergé, patron of the arts, future love of his life and lifelong business partner. Three years later, they created the Yves Saint Laurent Company, which became one of the most famous brands in fashion and luxury. Despite his own doubts and demons, Yves Saint Laurent, fostered by Pierre Bergé, turned the sleepy world of fashion upside down.

106min French


Directed byVanessa FILHO

With:Jean-Paul Rouve,Kim Higelin,Laetitia Casta


Paris, 1985. Vanessa is thirteen when she meets Gabriel Matzneff. A very smart and manipulative man, the fifty-year-old renowned writer seduces the young girl. The adolescent becomes the lover and muse of a man celebrated by the cultural and political establishment. Losing herself in the relationship, she gradually starts to realize how destructive and anormal the situation is, until she finally sees Gabriel Matzneff for the predator he really is. Vanessa now has a long journey to free herself from his influence and heal from her suffering…