Family Heist

Directed byPascal BOURDIAUX

With:Camille Chamoux,Jean Reno,Reem Kherici

Produced by: Radar Films, Forecast Pictures


Daring, dashing Patrick is a legendary art thief. No safe can resist him. That is until his last job, when Romain his protégé and partner set him up. Left for dead, Patrick wants payback. He decides to reveal himself to Carole and Caroline, his daughters. In their early twenties, the two half-sisters never knew their estranged father. Although complete opposites, they are both terrific con artists. Patrick decides to use this improvised family reunion to set up a master coup in the French Alps. A 15 million Euro heist, a chance to get even with Romain, and an opportunity to make up for lost time with his daughters.Jackpot ! That is, if the plan comes together…

95min French

The Squad

Directed byBenjamin ROCHER

With:Alban Lenoir,Caterina Murino,Jean Reno

Produced by: Capture [The Flag] Films SND - Groupe M6, Vertigo Films


Buren is an old time cop who doesn’t play by the rules. In the Paris underworld his squad is never afraid to use their muscle and guns to enforce the law. With their every move under the scrutiny of Lenoir their new boss, Buren knows his time is running out. When a heist turns into murder, Buren follows his guts and raids the house of Kasper a former convict. But Kasper has a rock-solid alibi and Buren has to let him go. Sidelined, Buren and his squad disobey Lenoir’s orders to try and stop an ongoing bank robbery. The operation is a blood bath and Buren takes the fall for it. But when he realizes that the heists are part of a bigger operation, Buren with nothing to lose, decides to take action.

93min French