Directed byYann GOZLAN

With:Amira Casar,Diane Kruger,Marta Nieto,Mathieu Kassovitz

Produced by: 24 25 Production and Eagles Team


Official Selection at Zurich Film Festival 2023
Estelle, a brilliant airline captain is married to Guillaume, a renowned doctor. Thriving for perfection, Estelle is always in control. When she accidentally bumps into Ana, a former flame, Estelle falls in love all over again. As their affair gets more and more intense, Estelle has recurring visions, nightmares, hallucinations…and when Ana disappears mysteriously, she starts losing grip on reality. Estelle fears her life is in danger and a spiral of madness begins…

You Shouldn’t Worry

Directed byThomas GILOU

With:Amira Casar,Aure Atika,Bruno Solo,Daniel Prévost,Elisa Tovati,Gad Elmaleh,Gilbert Melki,José Garcia,Richard Anconina

Produced by: Vertigo Productions


Business isn’t what it used to be in the Sentier, the garment district of Paris. In fact, the most common window display is: “LEASE FOR SALE “. Our friends, Eddie, Dov and Yvan realize they’ll have to try a new tack if they’re to find new outlets and stay in business. As for love, friendship and family, the situation of our heroes hasn’t changed all that much. Sure, Eddie and Sandra have two little girls now, but the band of buddies, Eddie, Dov, Yvan, Patrick and Serge, is as united as ever. Karine and Rebecca still live with Dov, and Patrick is still tormenting his poor cousin Serge, who never misses a trick when it comes to getting himself in hot water. Alas, their fine harmony is about to strike a discordant note…

105min French

Would I Lie to You?

Directed byThomas GILOU

With:Amira Casar,Aure Atika,Bruno Solo,Gilbert Melki,José Garcia,Richard Anconina,Vincent Elbaz


Edouard Vuibert, Eddie, is unemployed, single and homeless. In short, he’s at the end of his tether. One day, following a fight with two three-card-trick players, Eddie’s life changes completely: a prosperous businessman from the Sentier neighborhood, Victor Benzakem, intervenes, chases off the attackers and, thinking that Eddie is Jewish, decides to hire him as a warehouseman.
Eddie allows the misunderstanding to continue. Dov, a young salesman working for Victor, introduces him to a warm world, a colorful gang of friends and, above all, Sandra, the boss’s daughter with whom he immediately falls in love. For her, he decides to stand on his own two feet and set up his own firm. But life in the Sentier is full of pitfalls and the path to success is longer than he thought… Eddie finally manages to win Sandra’s love but, during the wedding preparations, he unwittingly reveals the truth. Eddie isn’t Jewish! This unleashes scandal and the fury of the beautiful Sandra…

100min French