Under the Influence

Produced by: Golden


Anna seems to have it all. A few months into dating Damien, an attractive smart and funny lawyer, she stabs him to everyone surprise. Noah, a cop, and Isabelle, her lawyer, team up to understand what happened. The more they investigate, the more they realize how manipulative, suffocative and dangerous Damien really is. What started as a single incident soon proves to be a pattern…


Directed byMarc FITOUSSI

With:Benjamin Biolay,Karine Viard,Laetitia Dosch

Produced by: Thelma Films


Eve and Henri are among the happy few of the French community in Vienna. They are “ la crème de la crème ”. The perfect picture crumbles when Eve discovers that Henri is cheating on her. On an impulse she tries to find revenge in a one night stand with Jonas, a perfect young Austrian guy. But Jonas is not the one that she thought. This will lead them to an irreversible spiral…