In October 1958, the Sicilian newspaper L’ORA coins the term “MAFIA” for the very first time to denounce the endemic organized crime in the region. Shortly thereafter, a bomb detonates in front of the editorial offices; only two days later the daily reappears with the headline: ‘The Mafia may threaten us, our investigation continues.’ Inspired by true events, L’ORA takes place in Palermo of the late 50´s and early 1960s. Newly minted Editor in Chief with his group of fearless journalists focus their investigation on organized crime and its reach into every corner of church and society

Family Shake

Directed byBaya KASMI

With:Grégory Montel,Julia Piaton,Lyès Salem,Naila Harzoune

Produced by: Elephant Story


Meet the Rousseau-Bensaid family: Samia the mother, Nicolas the father, their newborn boy, his daughters, her son, their exes, his parents, her parents… They are a blended modern family, a so typical family of today except that they have different roots and culture, and it is not a fairytale !

6x52min French

The Fault

Directed byNils TAVERNIER

With:Jina Djemba,Natacha Lindinger,Philippe Lelièvre,Valérie Karsenti

Produced by: Sydney GALLONDE, VAB


Married, mother of 3 and with a full time job, Lisa Tedesco is way over her head. Claire, her best friend, couldn’t be more opposite. Claire is perfect in every way. When Lisa forgets to pick up Claire’s daughter at school and the teenage girl disappears, Lisa is devastated. With another teenager gone missing and a sexual predator in the area, Lisa will do anything to find her best friend’s daughter.

4 x 52min French

Guest list

With:Alix Poisson,Anne Benoit,Brigitte Sy,François-Xavier Demaison,Jean-Philippe Ricci,Julien Boisselier,Sarah LePicard

Produced by: B2FILMS, Endemoshine Fiction


Alex and Agnès are finally married ! All their friends and close ones are here to celebrate. What a wonderful day! And when Agnès announces she is pregnant, what a surprise! Especially for Alex, who never told her he was sterile… As the night unfolds, Alex tries to get to the bottom of things, while guests show their true colors…

8x52min French

Victoire Bonnot

Directed byPhilippe Dajoux

With:Shirley Bousuet,Valérie Damidot


Victoire Bonnot is a high school counsellor, who does her job with passion, enthusiasm and… tenacity. Resolving students’ problems, repairing gross injustice sor just participating to a class meeting, Victoire is always there, but never with common methods. Her strong temperament and her humour are both her best assets and worst defects as she strives to help students.

7 x 50min French